If you're looking for an easy way to sell your car, we invite you to give Autozilla Car Buying Center a try. We won't disappoint! Stop by and see us today.


Selling you car the way you want it: EASY

We have partnered with Kelley Blue Book to ensure you get top dollar for your trade. The Kelley Blue book Offer is dependable way to trade in or sell your vehicle today. We let you participate in the appraisal process and give you the opportunity to sell us your vehicle. It's a real offer based on trusted Blue Book Values. We will buy your vehicle even if you don't buy from us.

More Cash

We use a secondary tool beside Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer to make sure that our offer is very competitive. Our offers on some vehicles are at least $1000 more than an average dealer offer. We can offer that for simple reasons; no sales consultant, assistant sales managers, and "closers" commissions, low overhead operation and a direct access to a network of dealership buyers that willing to pay for what your vehicle is worth without having for you to deal with several sales personals and waste couple hours of your day. We pass these savings directly to you. It's a WIN-WIN sale. You get more cash and we have more cars to sell.

Payment Now... not Later!

With Autozilla, there is no waiting for DMV to process the paperwork, there is no waiting on getting your check. You have your vehicle title in hand and sell it to us today, you get a secure payment check today, not the second day, not even by end of the day, you get a check BEFORE YOU LEAVE our dealership!

No DMV Interaction

You don't have to go to the DMV satellite office and wait in line to transfer the paperwork to us. We take care of that for you and immediately release your liability in the car you sell to us.

No Repairs Needed

You might need to do some minor repairs when selling your car on your own. NOT with us! You don't even need to wash or vacuum your car.


Our process is mainly focused on great customer experience. We will show you exactly how we came up with our offer.

Free Carfax Report

If for whatever reason you are only want to get an offer, that's completely fine with us. We will give a copy of your vehicle CARFAX report on us.